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Ramer-Douglas-Peucker algorithm - Reducing points for DB storing

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Some of our oscilloscope measurement hold 50000 samples. I don't want to fill up our DB with so many records so I was looking for an algorithm for reducing the amount of point and still have a reasonable presentation of the graph in the DB.

I was told about the Ramer-Douglas-Peucker algorithm. Does anyone know about a LabVIEW implementation of this algorithm?
Or is there another good solution to the task?

Thanks in advance.


Regards Bjarne

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For logging of some of our more erratic parameters we are looking at using this algorithm. It is called "Largest-Triangle-Three-Buckets" and is quite simple to implement.

For more gradually changing values (tempeatures or pressures e.g.) I found a nice compression algorithm many years ago that was patent-protected by GE at the time. The patent is expired now though, so it should be usable. I have attached a demo of that one here (run CACF_Demo and generate a fluctuating value with the slider to see how it compresses the data), it is called the Critical Aperture Convergence Filter.

Critical Aperture Convergence Filter.zip

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