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Programmatically upload the RT code and FPGA bitfile to an sbRIO target


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in the LabVIEW environment one can easily execute a RT vi and if the FPGA bitfile is compiled it is automatically downloaded to the sbRIO target. It is very easy to stop the VI and quickly run a different one.

Without LabVIEW, one can from NI max, via the firmware update, change the code of the FPGA on the sbRIO, but it is much more time consuming.

What we would like is to have a couple of applications on the PC built with the LabVIEW application builder. The PC application should check if the required RT code and FPGA bitfile are already on the target, and if not, upload it and run it.

I do not know if there is a way to achieve that?

Any hints?

Thank you for your help.

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I think this NI library is a good start:  https://www.vipm.io/package/ni_lib_rt_management/

Other options are NI-RAD (image replication), WebDAV, FTP (not recommended) and NI System Configuration.

Some more generic info for you to read:


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