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I am going through the recertification of my CLA.  The online multiple choice exam did not suite me so I decided to take the practical exam again.  I signed up in good faith to take the practical exam online via PSI.  I registered under my name, Tim.  My test was scheduled for 2/4/2022.  After connecting and going through the check in procedure, the proctor would not let me take the test.  They stated my id did not match the name I registered under.  Tim vs Timothy.  They would not budge and I was unable to take the exam.  Laster that day I reached out to NI Certification and a few days later they sent me an email back stating the problem had been corrected.  To verify, I called PSI on 2/11/2022.  The representative told me the issue was not corrected and that in fact I would have to pay for the exam again.  I asked to speak with a supervisor who finally admitted that Tim and Timothy are the same, made the necessary notes, and rescheduled my exam for 2/14/2022.  When I tried to take the exam on 2/14/2022, the proctor would not let me take the exam because of a name discrepancy.  I spent two hours chatting with tech support before finally calling PSI again.  I talked to tech support for an hour before they transferred me to customer service.  This individual stated that the issue had to be escalated internally at PSI and they would get back to me in 2 to 3 business days with a decision.  He would not confirm that I would not be asked to pay for the exam again.




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Ugh that sounds terrible.  All of this on top of the typical stress of preparing for the exam.  You likely already know this, but NI has a program for recertifying by participating in NI events.  These accumulate points, and if you have enough points you don't have to take another test to recertify.  I've done this once, and hope to do this for as long as NI allows me to.  It used to be much easier to get enough points.  I'd participate in a beta two years in a row for 30 points, and attend NI week for 15 and, then attend a user event for 5 giving the 50 I needed.  Also presenting at NI Week is 30, which is over half way there.  Unfortunately I haven't had much time to participate in betas, and NI Week and the CLA Summit hasn't happened in a while.  Luckily there are still user groups where presenting gets you 10.  I got a couple years before mine expires but I'll need to make sure I do enough.  Passing the CLA wasn't easy.

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Thanks for commiserating with me.  I am aware of the points system but unfortunately I find it difficult to keep on top of ways to earn them.  I did hear back from Certification and they acknowledged that this was not a good situation.  I asked to take the exam in person and am waiting to hear back.

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