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floating pop up window UI


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Looking for a example of UI with the main program able to open a floating pop up window which is used to displays a periodiaclly updated chart.  All user interactions is done thru the main window and not the chart window. 


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I have several, but within bigger applications... Anyway, there are many ways of doing one. The quickest and dirty I can think of is to share the data between main and floating panel via a global variable, to poll periodically the value in the panel, and to trigger a redraw of the chart only when a change between old and current value is detected. Of course this is doesn't scale up very well; for more sophistication you could set up notifiers between the two, transmit only the portion of data which changed. There are several inter-VI communication options, the best one depends on the use case.

To make the panel floating and open it pressing a button on from main, etc, VI server FP properties/methods.

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