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Remove Block Diagram after Build with VIPM

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I am working on a function library and I want to package it with VIPM.
On this side I have no problem, my problem appears when I want to remove the block diagram of my VI in order to protect my source code.

I first tried to use the pre build actions calling a VI using scripting to remove the block diagram from my VIs (something like below). However when I do this I get this kind of error message.



It seems that we cannot remove the block diagram before the build.

My question is "How can we remove the block diagrams from a post build action ?

After some research, I came across this post  in which Jim Kring says "This should be possible with a custom post-build action VI", however he does not explain how to achieve this.

I was able to remove the block diagrams using the post install actions however my goal would be to remove them with a post build action

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