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Numeric Units Control

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          Hello.  Is there a way to automatically control a Numeric Control with the Units Label?  My experiments show it has a good manual affect when I change the units from nS to mS to S, hiding or showing the 3 lsd.  I need this to happen automatically when the user scrolls the number.  I need to limit a numeric control window to the 3 most significant digits no matter how large the number is by incrementing the unit label through nS, mS and S.  Is there a way to use the text property node for Unit Label for this?

          There seems to be conflicting information.  NI says it is possible here  https://www.ni.com/docs/en-US/bundle/labview/page/lvhowto/numeric_units.html

"You also can use the Text property to change units programmatically. The Unit Label property creates a reference that you can use with the Text properties."

But when I try it an error message appears telling me that changing this property isn't allowed while the VI is running.  What am I missing?  Thanks for any help you can give.

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The reason your cant change the unit label at runtime is because unit labels change the data type of the wire (notice the "S" in brackets at the end).


That said, what you want can be achieved with the display format.

  1. Enable unit label and specify the unit "S"
  2. Change the display format to SI notation and the number of digits to 3

Now it will automatically add the prefix according to your value. For example, 10000 S will turn into 10 kS.





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