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Installing openG file library using VI Package Manager breaks labview editor icons for right click menus.

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The right click menus for the LabView editor have blank folders with very few icons in them. The titles of the element are still there and I can select and place a blank vi on my block diagram (that does not do much good however) I have tried several things including repairing all labview pieces (did not help) , reinstalling labview. which did help until I installed openG file library again. Now my LabView installation is broken again. This is with LabView 2020SP1. I have talked to NI but they said that this was weird and sent me here. 

Jim Jones


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NI support sent you to LAVA for a LabVIEW issue?  Do we get to charge them if we solve it?  Are you saying your palettes are messed up?  Can we see a screen shot?  If they did get messed up I a reinstall of LabVIEW should fix it so I'm not sure what else is going on.  OpenG shouldn't mess with your already installed palette items.  It just adds their own by putting the menu files into a folder that LabVIEW then finds.

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