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Need help with NI Switch->Terminal-box Connection details


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I've been trying to figure out connection details of my NI switch hardware and the connections terminal.  Unfortunately I have not been able to find the answer by going thru all the provided documentations , google , and forums.    The most significant information is missing from all documentation, I'm hoping someone can help me out.  I've tried to ohm out man possible combinations.  

  • Questions:
    1. Question:  Based on the hardware listed below,   on the Terminal TBX50 (Card splits to 4 terminal blocks), which terminal pin is com0+, com0-,  com8+,com8-?
    2. Question:  In the Topology below, on Terminal TBX50  which pins correspond to  ch0..ch31  and ch32..ch63


  • I have PXIe-2525 NI Switch, plus a cable that goes from the card to 4x 50-pin terminal boards (NI-TBX50).
  • The Switch is configured as a 2-Wire Dual 32×1 Multiplexer Topology



Making a Connection

When using the NI 2525 as a 2-wire dual 32×1 multiplexer, the positive leads of the first bank (ch0+ through ch31+) route to com0+, and the negative leads of the first bank (ch0– through ch31–) route to com0–. The pair com0+ and com0– is addressed collectively as com0 in software. The second bank follows a similar routing scheme.


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@GriboThanks for responding, I've seen this diagram , it's the relay naming and connection of pxie2525 which doesn't relate on how it's broken out to 1:4 cable going to four terminal boxes.   

The task of ohming out the connection is impossible task. I've even tried to programmatically find the pins which I've been successful on few but not all.

Im hoping someone else has already seen or worked on this and can help out.   The setup is rare but not too rare as it's a classic switch dmm combination.

Thanks though.

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