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Radio button return bad value on mouse clicked event


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I try to develop one UI with a selector button to choose between different buttons. For that, I use one radio button in event structure but the result (choix) is not that expected. It's always the previous value of radio button and not the clicked button.(see my VI (LV2018)) I can't use value change event because in this case if I clicked  on one button allready select, there is no change and no event.And I need to know clicked element.


Bug radio Button.vi

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Finally my best solution is base on Ensegre solution, but to solve the previous issue, I have:

1) Define list radio Button with
 "Authorize no selection" option
 (right click on radio button border
 to show this option.
2) Replace click event by value change event.
3) Force to "no selection" at start.
4) Force to " no selection" just after value
change for future "Value Change " detection  


Bug radio Button V2.vi

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