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Labview installation on linux

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hi, everyone, I was searching about how to install a modern version of LabVIEW and found this community.

I need to install LabVIEW on Linux for my collage projects and modern version needed because most of my friends use windows and I don't want any problems between their versions and mine. unfortunately i can't paid for a legal version so is there anyone can help me?

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The community version is free (with some restrictions) and is available on windows and linux, so you simply need to create an account on NI's website and download it, activation is needed but should work anyway.

There is a project that might be a nice starting point for you if you want it in Linux : the LabVIEW Community Training, it's at an early stage but it provides an OpenSuse VM with LabVIEW Community installed, you can get it from GCentral : https://downloads.gcentral.org/vm/20231021_OpenSUSE_CTIBase.ova


Hope this helps

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Out of curiosity, what distribution are you using (or considering using)?  I've been able to install LabVIEW Community Edition on both Zorin and Linux Mint and created a little "How To" on installation for these two distributions for LabVIEW 2021 Community Edition.

FYI - NI has a limited number of distributions for which they support LabVIEW for Linux, mostly those using RPM - but there is some support for Debian based distros, though installation is not completely straightforward.

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