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Agilent 34970A "High Speed" DAQ

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I have an application where i need to scan up to 16 channels at 10Hz , using a 16 channel multiplexer card 34902A.


i have tried a few simple things and am not close the 10 Hz , i saw somewhere either on here or NI.com about buffering , but , for the life of me i cant find it again.

edit: i started with the advanced scan example.

So , how do you set up buffering , and poll the instrument at regular intervals ?

i did all the configuring outside of the while loop , and only triggered and read (into a queue) in the DAQ loop , but , it seems as though i am still a little shy of the 10Hz.


Any pointers ?



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You want to create a scan list. At 10Hz, that's 160 relay close, stabilize, measure, relay open operations. You might have to sacrifice resolution to get to that speed.

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Posted (edited)


OK , i will look into reducing resolution , I should be ok with that ...




EDIT: GRIBO , i went to 4.5 resolution and i get the timing I need... i will have to make sure that the resolution is good , but , i guess i really dont have much choice .... this system is currently running by a program that was written in C++ , but we dont have the source code , and we need to get it converted to LV so we can add more types of units as needed ...


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