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IOLINK Restful interface


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Now that we are NI/Emerson I would expect to see more connectivity in the automation sector.  It seems that IOLink is a dominate communications standard that would be a good candidate for support in LabVIEW.

IFM is one company that makes a ton of really cool sensors and networking hubs that are largely IOLink capable.  It should be relatively straightforward to develop a restful IOLink interface using GET/POST with JSON formatted commands.  I am planning on doing this and was wondering if anyone has gone down this path before.



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We've done a couple one-off IO-Link implementations, but it was by no means an all-encompassing tool that would work with the general standard. We would pay for a development license, but the deployment license costs from the one LV IOLink toolkit vendor were untenable as we have hundreds of systems. We'd be very interested in something like what you described. Please post updates! Is your intention to open source it or to commercialize it?

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The Gpower IOLink toolkit looks great but the cost is prohibitive.  For $1000 I was inclined to give it a go but I would never saddle up to such a cost on a subscription basis and as you said they are also requiring a annual runtime license.  What a disaster that would be for any of my customers when their critical systems stop working on Jan 1st. until they pony up their subscription fees.  I think like you I will just dip my toes in the RESTful JSON waters and then see what it will take to generalize it.

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