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Using LabView with foreign GUI


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I would like to use LabView for the Hardware Interface and also for Internet and WLan because everything is allready prepared for that, but I would like to have for some other Applications a special GUI written by Delphi, because the probabilities are much bigger with Delphi.

So is it possibel to save the LabView Program as a dll?

Or is there another way?

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So is it possibel to save the LabView Program as a dll?


There is no problem to build LabVIEW program as dll.

When you are using Build Application or Shared Library (DLL)... you can compile your program to exe or dll. You must only select what you want.


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but how do I know the function that I have to call in Delphi (in my case)? First I thought that the function description would be in the *.h file but it's not.

Of course I could just gess the syntax by using the dll name as function name and fill the paramaters in order as I created them in LabView, but would be better to have a decent description.

And how do I have to handle clusters? Is that a Record in Delphi? There are also other types that could be a problem, like a notifier.

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Open LabVIEW, use menu: Help >> VI, Function & How To Help ...

Once LabVIEW help opens go to:

Creating VIs and SubVIs >> Building Stand-Alone Applications or Shared Libraries (DLLs)

Or just search on "DLL"

There are about a dozen articles there to help you do apps & DLLS


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