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FREE LabVIEW Fundamentals Exam

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After you take the exam, add your score to the poll. No need to give your name, just the results.

Take the FREE LabVIEW Fundamentals Exam

LabVIEW Fundamentals Exam

The LabVIEW Fundamentals Exam is a FREE, online assessment offered in conjunction with the NI Training and Certification Program and is ideal for those wishing to quantify their level of LabVIEW knowledge. The exam provides students and professionals with an opportunity to demonstrate their proficiency with the fundamental concepts and programming practices that are integral to success as a LabVIEW programmer. It also acts as preparation for the National Instruments Certification Program.

Details of the Exam

The LabVIEW Fundamentals Exam consists of 40 multiple-choice questions with a 45-minute time limit. The exam encompasses essential LabVIEW concepts such as:

  • Arrays and Clusters
  • Charts, Graphs, and Loops
  • Data Acquisition and Analog Input
  • General Programming Structures
  • Strings and Error Handling
  • SubVIs and Printing

Passing the LabVIEW Fundamentals Exam requires an understanding and ability to employ fundamental LabVIEW programming techniques, logically analyze and debug various coding schemes and architectures, and navigate the LabVIEW environment with the skills necessary to develop efficient LabVIEW programs. The skills tested are commensurate with the level of knowledge contained in the LabVIEW Basics I: Introduction Course with an accompanying one to three months of LabVIEW programming experience.

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  • 3 weeks later...
The exam was OK. I had a few interuptions while taking it and still had plenty of time to finish.

OK, I did the exam a few hours ago. Took me half the time and I got 34 right.

I do think some of the questions were trick questions.

For instance, they had one which refered to the behavior of a VI in a certain case. This behavior would by default be one thing, but when you're using the primitives it's already set to another behavior. Which is the correct answer?

They also used a messed up diagram to challenge your dataflow reading capabilities (which I can accept as a test) and they regularly used images which allowed for further interpretation (like showing an array constant and not making the last visible element an empty one. Theoretically, there could more elements). There probably were a few other examples, but generally the questions were OK. I'm a bit disappointed that they don't send you the answers to the questions you got wrong, though.

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I'm a bit disappointed that they don't send you the answers to the questions you got wrong, though.

As am I. What good is a number if you can't learn from your mistakes???

I thought I was doing alright but only received a 32, which is barely squeaking by. Granted, I took it in 25 minutes and wasn't in the "mindset" to take the test, but would still like to know what I need to work on....?

I felt real confused when the window just closed on me after question #40 and took me to the LV homepage... No "test completed" page? I was lucky that I caught the email in my inbox with my score. If it was an email account that I checked less frequently, it would have bothered me until I found it.

Another thing I noticed is that you can't go back and retake the test once you've passed. Personally, I would think that passing it earns the right to take it again(or at least review your answers), shouldn't it? What is the purpose of limiting it to just one time? How long are you locked out of the test until you can re-take it (if you passed)? I'm assuming you can retake as many times as you like if you fail?

Joe (orko)

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You can re-take the exam after a certain time period has passed (a couple of days I think?)

I can only speak from my personal experince, but it would appear that you can never take the exam again!! I took the exam before I took the developer certification test over 2 years ago, I had to recertify in december 2005, so I went to take the Free online test. I was prevented from doing so with the following explanation "You cannot login now. You have already taken the exam and you passed it. Click the Close button to close this window".

I promptly created a half dozen e-mail accounts on my mail server, created NI accounts for each, and took the test 6 times. That'll show m. That was in December, I just tried taking the test after reading this post and was denied for all the accounts I created in December, and for the one I used over two years ago.

Also, here is an idea, while taking the test after making my selection I did a Alt-Prnt Scrn, pasted into paint and printed it out, I only did this for the ones I was not 100 % on. After getting my results I researched the ones I printed out, usually I would find that I had printed out all the ones I got wrong ( never more than 6).

I could not agree more that they should tell you what you got wrong. Last year I took the Architect test for Labview, it was 10 questions, three questions required writing relatively easy code snipets, the other 6 were essay type questions. The questions were in the line of "If you are in charge of a large Labview project with multiple programmers involved explain everything that is important" go! I am somewhat exaggerating, but they were very broad questions.

I thought I did well, and I eagerly awaited my results, several weeks later I recieved an E-mail stating I had failed the test. :thumbdown: I am OK now, don't be sad. The point is, that is all it said, There were points awarded for the questions, and a certain number of points are required to pass, but that is all the E-mail said. I called NI to find out how close I came, and or what questions was I weak in, something more than FAILED. They would not tell me anything, they said they did not want to "compromise the integrity of the test"

I do not see how telling an indvidual if they missed by a mile or an inch, "compromise the integrity of the test", but that is all I got. I even used my considerable pull with my NI sales guy, and got nothing. I don't get it.

I choose not to take the test again, I found it very subjective, and got no feedback from taking it the first time. In fact the only they I got from the first test was a little more room in my wallet.

Sorry about the rant, guess I am still alittle bitter. To end on a happy note, I passed my recertification with 38 out of 40 :thumbup: .

P.S. I hope none of the information in this E-mail "compromise the integrity of the test"

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  • 8 months later...

I got 33 !

Some questions are tricky. Some are useless (if you don't find the "change to indicator" with a right-click on the BD, you do it on the FP...). And some are for windows-users only... I never used DAQmx !...

Anyway, it's quite exciting to pass tests. I hadn't since I left school a while ago!...

Do you think I deserve a christmas present from my mom with a 33/40 grade ?!...


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