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don laugh at me

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hi all i got a question hope u all wont laugh at me. i like to ask is labview able to capture data from microsoft excel and use the data to do some programming??? plaease advice. thanks alot :worship:

No laughs here, yes it is possible. There are 2 options (the easy expensive and the difficult cheap)

Buy the report toolkit.

Make your own toolkit.

BOth make use of the excel activex software. It is possible to do but it is very hard.


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Guest terminator

You COULD save the excel file as .txt and open that file with the Labview open spreadsheet vi. Depends on what's in the excel file, how often you need to do this, etc.

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Maybe this example helps you out ...

it's originaly for writing data into excel, but the basic know how, how to access the tables and cells, is allready in there. you simpley have to change the write funktionality into a ready functionality. In fact it's easyer to read the data, then to write the data.

Unluckily I don't have a read example yet, but I hope it can give you a clue, how it works.

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