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Iris Recognition!

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Hi all,

I'm a new user for labview...and i'm doing a mini project on Iris Recognition..I really need advise and Help...Pls help me,please. :worship: ..as i really stress over this project...ur help will be very much appreciate...and i've tried using Vision Assistant and Labview8.0. But when i run the VI,it can't do the iris recognition as it give me the different diameter value even when i load the same image...i really don't know what to do...can anyone help to give me some advise or where is the part that i do wrongly?? I've attached my work..... Pls help me......Really aprreciate that... Looking forward to hear any reply...Pls help me... Thank you so much....!!

Best Regards,


Download File:post-6593-1161576181.vi



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