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transistor Curve .

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here is the graph ! plz check it , It does not give me the correct graph .

plz check the both photos ,

The one called lab 4 is your solution and the photo called noora is the normal solution i attached b4..

plz help

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QUOTE(alnaimi @ May 9 2007, 03:38 PM)

i ahve modified the pre post ,

the lab is there

Hi alnaimi,

I think you have wired the arrays into the bundle nodes in the wrong order.

The upper terminal of the bundle node is the x-axis, and the lower is the y-axis.

Enable context help, and put the mouse cursor on the graph terminal to get information about how to input data to the graph.

Some comments

1. its generally a good idea to make all code visible on the screen, maybe your resolution is above mine, but there is very much free space in your diagram.

Keeping the diagram smaller makes it much more easy to debug and/or understand.

2. try to keep wires from left to right, increases readability and makes debugging easier

3. try to keep wires straight, i.e. with less bends (increases readability)

4. try to avoid crossing of wires as much as possible, increases readability

5. do you really have to update VGS in every loop iteration, it seems like this could be done before you enter the loop?

Good luck


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QUOTE(alnaimi @ May 10 2007, 03:57 PM)


My VI is working WELL :)


well, after all we've been through, do you mind telling us wat solved your problem?

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