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Hi all,

can someone explain me please what "grey" probes stand for?


Probe 9 in the attached picture doesn´t update, but with highligthing on or a connected indicator I see the correct value.

I am trying to get started with DAQmx custom scales but when I try to write using the task handle, it fails because the scale with name xxx is not found.


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Gray probes are probes where the type of the probe doesn't match the type of the wire.

This almost always happens from having a wire that is a typedef, putting a probe on the wire and then changing the type definition to be some other type. If the probe itself doesn't use the typedef'd type, then the dot on the wire will turn gray instead of yellow.

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Thanks for the input.

I just can´t get this thing working. Tried the custom probe which resulted in LV crashing.

The DAQmx task I create with wired scale name as input (which I can even see with highligthing on) just produce an error the first time I want to write out a value.

Enough trial and error for me today, I wrote a "Table Scaling"-VI myself and will stay away from DAQmx scales.

Greetings from a rainy and _gray_ Munich :-)


The subVI I used to create my scale:


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