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Dear all ,

I am setting up a new Test Station and I have a runing station with two PXI DAQ cards from NI one is E series 6040 and the other is Low cost 6024 Traditional DAQ.


-I want to Import the Max configuration from the Old Station to the New station and it is not working.My old station Max Version is 4.0 and New is 4.2,the old configuration file is saved as .daq and my new max want .nci.

-I have done all I can, but still I have the same Error.

-Kindly see screen shorts

Greetings from Germany to all Great LAVAS.




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The config files ending in ".daq" are based on Traditional (legacy) NI-DAQ. Files ending in ".nce" are the new standard for DAQmx devices, VISA, etc.

So, if your old config files end in ".daq", the app is presumably based on the Traditional NI-DAQ driver. You can import a .daq config using one of the top-level menus toward the right. It'll have a menu item named something like "NI-DAQ-->" which leads to a submenu that allows you to import or export a .daq config file.

-Kevin P.

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The menu you highlighted looks like the place I had in mind. I don't know why it's deactivated, but one guess is that maybe Traditional NI-DAQ didn't install correctly?

I'd probably try re-installing, mostly because I don't have any better ideas. Good luck!

-Kevin P.

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QUOTE(Kevin P @ Oct 23 2007, 08:28 AM)

I'd probably try re-installing, mostly because I don't have any better ideas. Good luck!

-Kevin P.

Thanks Kevin,

you are right our IT department did not install the DAQ .I told them to re-install and now I got the menu.I was able to import the old Channels from our old

Test station to the new one using Max,I have now got my Test-Sequncer runing.

Thanks Again and SALUTE. :worship:

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