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  1. Danke Mark good Job.Greetings from Germany.
  2. Good Job NI .I can now do by value and by reference in LabVIEW. @Aristos Queue when is Interface coming in??
  3. I use File->Exit when I have menu in my GUI.Most of my Apps are used in production lines.STOP(red) Button are most appropriate for the Operators.
  4. My prayers to all the victims of OK tornado this disaster, God bless you all.It is well. GOD is in control.
  5. Hi hope this will help you start your sequential task without sequence structure.
  6. My prayers goes to the victims of the bomb attack. "it is well"
  7. Paris..Paris..Great CLA Summit.It was nice to meet with Great LabVIEW Architects. see you guys in 2014.
  8. To all great LAVA's Merry Christmas.
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