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"Find Coercion Dots" tool?


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QUOTE(WMassey @ Oct 28 2007, 07:55 AM)

Did anyone ever build a "find coercion dots" tool?

I found an old http://www.mail-archive.com/lava-list@lavausergroup.org/msg05550.html' target="_blank">email that hinted that Neville Dholoo & David Edwards were working on one but I never did find anything beyond that.

The VI Analyzer includes a test that flags any coercion dots.

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I had also asked Neville directly if he still had this tool and he replied that it was "lost in the mists of time."

After some digging I found that the property is available through this path (LV v7.1.1 with scripting enabled):


I'll try, when time allows, to get it built into a tool.

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