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I've created a executable and it works fine.

My application is using a lvlib-file with 2 classes, one public and one private. This library is located in the user.lib.

When I create an executable I have to start with adding the library in the SourceFile-option as Always Include, otherwise it won't work.

This step seams to be a bug, do YOU agree?

After this the executable is created fine and works just great.

If I count the Files under my EXE-file folder I get 15 files.

Now it's time to do an installer, and that works without any problem.

So I run the setup file, and assume all 15 files will be copied into the "Program Files\<App Folder>", but only 13 files are added.

And of cause when I try to run the executable it starts to search for the missing files.

The files missing (that wasn't copied) is named like this:

1) Storage.lvlib:MySql.lvclass:StartTransaction.vi (This is the Private class)

2) Storage.lvlib:Storage.lvclass:StartTransaction.vi (This is the Public class)

Any Ideas why?

Also the Project View to Destination View looks a bit strange.

The files are NOT the same on the different sides :blink: .




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