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Oh the weather outside...


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QUOTE (orko @ Apr 18 2008, 02:10 PM)

It's still snowing in Seattle...

Yeah, and I got ambitious and planted my tomatoes last weekend when it got over 75°C. I spent yesterday evening spreading a large sheet of clear plastic over all the tomato cages and shoveling dirt around the edges to weight it down and create a little greenhouse. Hopefully that will keep them warm enough...

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Use strings of 7W Xmas lights around the plants if available to keep them warm. Use throw in a temperature probe, fan, and LabVIEW for a closed loop control.

I have the opposite issue- I'm almost ready to start picking, hopefully the 100+ degree days stay away long enough so the pollen doesn't get killed and make it a short harvest.

Toby- 75C? Ouch, make that baked green tomatoes

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