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using labview at work


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I first learned LV working at a biomed company. It's very useful in such an enviroment. My experience in biomed is that the work tasks were constantly changing from one product or study to the next. Anytime you want to automate the acquisition and analysis of data LV is the only way to go - and the most rapid and efficient. Take a few classes if you can. Get a good book. I would recommend LabVIEW for Everyone. Spend time here and here. And just keep coding. Welcome to the world of LV. I find it a lot of fun. :)

(I miss biomed work. Sigh)

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QUOTE (farnoosh @ Apr 28 2008, 10:47 AM)

i am a senior biomedical Engineer ,

i am using labviwe in my project recently ,

i found it very interesting,although i dont khnow much about it.

i want to khnow how labview is useful at work?

since i think about spending time and start to learning it deeply, :rolleyes:

LabVIEW was designed originally to make sophisticated data acquisition possible for engineers who do not have a primary interest in programming. It is very good at this, and I fit that demographic very well.

I use LabVIEW to run experiemts, to do analysis of the results, and to make graphical presentations. Also, I use it to manage experiment record keeping within a MySQL database. I learned to use LabVIEW alone and with the help of the phone technical support team at NI. Learning a comparable (in function) programming language such as C would have been much more difficult and time consuming.

It makes programming fun for me.


The support system for subscription plan participants and English speakers is excellent. The community of users and their support for each other is also excellent. The online resources at ni.com are very helpful.

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I also work in a Biomedical company and use LabVIEW daily for automating the processes that manufacture our products, for profiling various equipment like ovens, and for data acquisition, charting, and analysis of R&D data.

Like any other tool, once you learn how to use LabVIEW appropriately, you'll be surprised how much you can accomplish.

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