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What's the minimum screen size you can stand?

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QUOTE (Yen @ May 20 2008, 01:12 PM)

Like Rolf, I use a 15.4" Dell Latitude and I find 1440x900 to be a good resolution (although the height would be a problem if I wanted to do UIs which were larger than 1024x768).

By the way, I'm considering getting EEEs for systems where we need operator stations. With XP and its low price it should beat any other option I can think of (PDAs, PLCs with external touch screens, laptops, etc.).

Well mine is 1280x800. Put it on my age and the fact that my eyes aren't as sharp anymore :rolleyes: .

The sreen resolution problem I usually solve by making my panels scalable anyhow. Not the LabVIEW autoscaling, mind you! Just some own scaling so that specific parts on the screen scale while others stay put relative to the rest.

Rolf Kalbermatter

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