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Can an EXE use Active to open LV Development Environment?

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Thanks Kurt - bloody ripper.

Due to an error I couldn't get past the Automation Open VI when I linked the _Application ref.

I thought I was doing something wrong i.e. maybe due to the object I was linking to!

But your ref is the same and I ran your code and it worked fine!


I have seen this before - I copied an Active X example and their ref worked, I tried to generate one in the same VI and it wouldn't work.

Funnily enough - I can now create a ref that works! :throwpc:

But my lappy still has the same problem!

I am coding in 8.5, but I just ran a VMWare 8.2 copy and it has the same problem.

1) Has anyone else seen this?

2) Am i doing something wrong?

3) Is there anything I have to do (refresh type library)?



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QUOTE (SciWare @ Jun 12 2008, 07:24 PM)

No problem mate

Does the code I posted work on your laptop?

At the moment I'm not sure what the issue could be, could you post that code you displayed?

Well, I have explicitly not put it on my laptop as I want to discover the problem (but I am sure if I do it will work).

Funny thing is after I ran your code a few times, my refs that didn't work - worked! :headbang:

My code was exactly like yours.


I have seen weirder things.

I am going with bug?

Have just ran 8.5.1 in VMWare - works fine no problems.

Looks like I will upgrade methinks.

Now I can finally play with Active that works!!

:beer: dude


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