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LAVA/OpenG NI-Week 2008 BBQ


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A huge thank you to everyone who attended this evening's LAVA / OpenG NI-Week 2008 BBQ and the Iron Works in Austin, TX! Beef was eaten, Shiner Bock was drunk, and prizes were won, and I'm sure a bunch of photos will be up in the gallery soon (oh, as well as the handful of people that video blogged the proceedings with their National Instruments vblog cameras - don't forget to link to those here!)

A big thank you to all the folks who donated the prizes - we had an awesome prize table this year with a Wii, Zunes, professional edition software licenses for both the Endevo GOOP Development System and JKI's VIPM, lava lamps, heaps of t-shirts ("retro" LAVA and VIPM), mousepads, coffee mugs, bumper stickers, a digital desk clock/calendar/thermometer/picture frame, an umbrella...

Attendance? I'm glad you asked: we needed to get 100 people there to cover the minimum, and then the Iron Works started charing by the head. As you all know, I was pushing to make sure we had the 100 there (otherwise my PayPal account was going to be a little light :o ), and to give you context: we got ~70 to our party last year. This year's attendance? 117, making it the biggest LAVA / OpenG NI-Week BBQ ever! :) We had a rush of "I'm not on the list, so can I please give you cash?" folks, and we filled the Iron Works to the brim. As for the financials, we don't look to make a profit off the BBQ - it's more about having a great time with good folks - our only financial motivation is to try not to loose money. I just did the rough financials, and we came up with a profit of approximately $60, so I'll be sending everyone ~50c in the mail (less the cost of the stamp and envelope). Seriously though - I'll get the left-over $ (once I work it out completely) to Mike to add to the ChipIn fund to help keep out LAVA servers going for a little while longer...

Thanks so much y'all - my work here is done ...until next year ;)



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Great BBQ guys!

It was a real pleasure to finally meet a few of you in person. Not to mention that one never gets tired of hearing things like, "You're younger than I expected".

Here's hoping I bump into a few of you guys again sometime this week.

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QUOTE (mballa @ Aug 6 2008, 12:47 PM)

It would help if I knew what you looked like.

I could probably upload a picture when I get back to the hotel. But a quick description would be tall, pony tail, sunglasses (I wear them most of the time) And today I'm wearing a Fastenal baseball cap. (I woke up with terminal bed-head)

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