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Enable/disable text indicator scrolling


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Hello. I'd like to use text indicator in my GUI. I have another VI will dumps the raw data continuously to this text indicator. This text indicator in my GUI has vertical scroll bar and displays only the last 1000 characters, the scroll position is always at the bottom. I want to add enable and disable scrolling feature to it

When the scrolling is disabled I want the text indicator to stay where it is and not display any new data

When the scrolling is enabled I want the text indicator to display all that data which has been accumulated after disabling the scrolling.

I tried various options but nothing works the way I want. Any suggestions.

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QUOTE (Vidula S @ Sep 18 2008, 12:54 PM)

I'd do it like this: http://lavag.org/old_files/post-7534-1221834955.vi'>Download File:post-7534-1221834955.vi

Perhaps there's a way to use property nodes for the indicator? I don't know. Maybe somebody else will comment on this. (I hope :wacko:)

This VI uses a boolean 'enable' control and a boolean 'last enabled state' shift register, and another String shift register to store the data while the indicator is disabled. The key is to catch when the enabled state changes and then put the current data (either from the indicator or the shift register) into the appropriate container. These are the 'enable' states & transitions I was interested in:

start/stay TRUE - append data to string indicator

start/stay FALSE - append data to shift register

TRUE - FALSE - put string indicator value into shift register and append data there

FALSE - TRUE - put shift register value into string indicator and append data there

I hope this helps!


I finally have a LabVIEW icon under my name!!! :laugh:


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