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Modify a textstrin


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Is there a sulotion to this problem?

I have a textfield (string) and I need to change the text inside it while the program is running.

Problem is, I want to be able to set the staring line of the bold text. On the next line the

user should put in his data and this should be in plain text.

See the attached jpg.

ive been looking into the property nodes but I cant find a sulotion.

Any ideas?

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I don't have a perfect example on how to do this, but I do have the Property Nodes that might help you.


Using the property node in this picture I can programatically change the font style, size, and color, of part of a text string. I would suggest setting the string to a constant like the following:


Start Time:


Serial Number:

Then you could set each section to be bold or not, like from 0 to 14 is bold 15 to 17 is not bold, 18 to 27 is bold, and so on (my numbers may be off). Then the user can type in plain, while the headings will be in bold. Hope this helps.

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