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58 hours before CLAD exam

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Read an old Labview Basic manual once time already, wrote down key points for review

Did 3 times online exams, results were OK

Did the sample CLAD exam.

  • I underestimated the difficulty, so I only spent 20 mins to finish the exam, and I got 26/40

  • I found out that sometimes I misunderstand the questions, sometimes I don't understand the meaning of the questions. Because of these make at least 8 mistake. I did not review my note before do the sample exam, so other 2 questions made mistake. The last 4 mistakes were because of lack of knowledge.

I review the whole exam; find out and solve anything that I don't understand. I think I will read the manual again in the next 24 hrs and review my note. What else I should do?


BTW, how many MCQs have more than 1 answer?

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QUOTE (zmarcoz @ Jan 14 2009, 12:31 AM)

What else I should do?

You should take advantage of the option to mark a question for review. I did this when I took the test a few years ago and was pleased with that feature of the testing system. It turned out that I had to mark most of them the first time through because I wasn't confident with my answer. I kept going through the test until I had unmarked all of them, then I submitted my test and found I had passed.

Good luck!


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QUOTE (jcarmody @ Jan 14 2009, 02:46 AM)

You should take advantage of the option to mark a question for review...

I couldn't agree more. Go through the entire test. If you know the answer is correct, mark it and move on. If you come to a question that you are unsure about, mark it for review and move on. Don't waste too much time the first time through. On your second pass start marking your best guess.

My advice: if you are only getting 26/40 on the sample exam then you are not ready for the real thing. The good news is that you still have some time. Spend time going through the sample exam many times. I think if you pass the sample exam you are not allowed to take it again, so sign up for multiple accounts at ni.com if you have to (or fail on purpose). If there is a question you are unsure about, capture a screenshot of it so you can spend some time looking up the correct answer and/or coding it after you complete the exam. I found the real exam to be quite similar to the sample exam - I would say the sample exam is your best study tool.

Good Luck! Let us know how it goes.


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