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Lifelines Trackit Hardware for EEG


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Hi, I am trying to connect one of Lifelines product known as Trackit (an EEG system) with LabVIEW. Does anyone has any experience using this hardware (Trackit).? For your information, this hardware communicates via serial communication. I have tried to use the Basic Serial Write and Read.vi to connect the hardware with LabVIEW. Unfortunately, it is not success. If you guys wants to know how does the hardware looks like, please have a look at www.llines.com. the hardware name is trackit ambulatory regulator. Its programming is written in VB. if you need the source code in VB, please let me know and leave your email address for me to email you the code.


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QUOTE (dblk22vball @ Feb 27 2009, 10:28 PM)

Can you better explain how you have tried and "failed" to get communication with the device, ie what commands did you try sending, did you get an ACK or NACK?


I am working with Hamiza on this. I've written a simple VISA write and read to interface with the device (see attached) but to no avail. The VI either writes character by character to the serial port with 2 ms delay in between or send all characters at once - I honestly am not sure whether it makes any difference or not. You can refer to 3.2.1 as to the command I used to send to the device. In hex it is 1c00 0068 0d. I can't seem to figure out what is 1c in normal character (the manual refers this as FS. What is FS? Free space? Full stop?) Apart from '1c', the rest of the commands in normal character is 00h(CR), which (CR) refers to carriage return.

What could be wrong? Ideas?

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