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Descriptive vi reference name for use in a cluster

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I am looking to initialize my program, and load some vi references into the "master cluster" (JKI State Machine) that I will be using regularly for different tasks (unloading/loading subpanels, control values, etc).

Now I am using the Get VI reference vi, to get the reference. But when you go to unbundle the name is just vi reference. So if I have 5 references, I have to remember the order that I inserted each reference.

Is there a way to assign a name, like you would when you change a label on a control or have a reference to a control, so I could have Type Reference instead of just vi reference.

My thought was that it would be less cluttered and less execution time to not have to open a reference and close each time I wanted to do something. But maybe that is the fastest way.... :o

In the picture, Settings is a control reference to a tree control named Settings. All of the vi references refer to different vis.

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