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    I've had a few evenings to work on another XNode, this time to unbundle an array of elements from a Cluster Array (as per this Idea). As much as possible, I've tried to mimic the functionality of Unbundle Cluster by Name. There were a few tricky things to get this to work, and I'd be interested if I missed an easy way to achieve any of them: traversing a cluster hierarchy to build the pop-up menu not permitting the XNode to be shrunk past any connected wires correctly wiring outputs again if the XNode is extended upwards Comments welcome! Requires: LabVIEW >8.6.1 Gavin Burnell's Scripting Tools (thanks again!) OpenG LabVIEW Data and String Libraries Unbundle Cluster Array.zip
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    I don't remember the error code, but I know I received an error when trying to write an empty array. My solution was to delete everything in the existing array except for the last one.
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    Firstly I tried connecting to my MySQL Database (on my local machine) called 'imt' through a System DSN that I manually created and of course it worked. I then deleted the System DSN entry and tried connecting to the 'imt' database using the connection information suggested by John (see No System DSN.jpg image) with a little bit added for the password and it just came up with the error "Data source name not found". I also tried Net=dbmslpcn and no entry for the Net variable. Could someone explain to me what I've done wrong - I'm sure it's something really simple.

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