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    This is a weekend project (ok, several weekends now) I've been meaning to share for a while. It's a proof of concept which I'd like to get some feedback on before I invest more time. The idea is to provide a toolkit that uses LabVIEW webservices to serve an interactive HTML5 representation of any application's front panel(s) as an easy way to monitor and control the application (over the internet) without the need for heavy applications or runtime engines. Just a browser. And because not everyone is a also web-developer, the work required to create that website should be done entirely by the toolkit. In my solution it's as easy as dropping a single vi on the block diagram, that registers the VI with the FrontPanelManager which takes care of all the data exchange between the website and the front panel. Here's a screenshot of an example front panel showing all supported elements and its HTML version on chrome: Obviously, there are some cosmetic differences that can be fixed later. Controls on both LabVIEW front panel and HTML site act as controls and are synchronised across the two. By default, the website queries the front panel every 250ms for new data. The refresh rate can be changed with the cog button in the bottom right corner. To run it open the project start the WebService Get the URL of Main.html and point your browser to it start "To Publish/Main.vi" and watch the data appear in the browser As I said this is a proof on concept and it's a long away from being a toolkit. I'm working on functions that appear in the Tools menu to automatically add and configure the webservice and dependencies and many other things. [2014]FPPublisher.zip

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