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    View File Hooovahh's Tremendous TDMS Toolkit This toolkit combines a variety of TDMS functions and tools into a single package. The initial release has a variety of features: - Classes for Circular, Periodic, Size, and Time of Day TDMS generation with examples of using each - Reading and Writing Clusters into TDMS Channels - XLSX Conversion example - File operations for combining files, renaming, moving, and saving in memory to zip - Basic function for splitting TDMS file into segments (useful for corrupt files) - Reorder TDMS Channel with Demo There is plenty of room for improvements but I wanted to get this out there and gauge interests. The variety of classes for doing things, along with VIMs, and class adaptation makes for using them easier. If I get time I plan on making some blog posts explaining some of the benefits of TDMS, along with best practices. Submitter hooovahh Submitted 12/12/2019 Category *Uncertified* LabVIEW Version 2018 License Type BSD (Most common)  
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    To all the warriors out there a heads up if your computer is suddenly running at 100% CPU. In the Task Manager, the Task Manager process will gobble up any CPU available. I swore it was a virus. A 3rd party tech support knew about this. Turns out a camera did not shut down correctly. To avoid Windows willy-nilly starting a process it likes that will screw up tasks such as frame grabbing response this Windows setting is used. Use PowerShell & run the following: "C:\Program Files\Point Gey Research\FlyCap2 Viewer\bin64\PGRIdleStateFix.exe enable"
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    It was not developed in a bubble. There was already a close relationship between the VIPM team and NI. So they knew the requirements and the need. It's been over 5 years since the release of NIPM, so not much movement however... That might have been the first step, but hardly the long-term plan. In reality, I think the main reason for lack of development on NIPM is that people got shuffled around and new management came in and the original development plans for NIPM got put on a shelf. I can tell you that NI had the goal of full VIPM replacement. There is much churn internally at NI on where to take NIPM next. They are back to wanting to add features to facilitate better reuse library installation for current LabVIEW (how to achieve this is not clear). For sure however, this is the clear case with NXG. I suggest you watch this video:
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    NI caused this problem themselves. NIPM should have provided all the features of VIPM from the start and then added GPM features. Lack of investment. Now they're playing catchup, but technology is moving on.
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    This discussion on package manager capabilities definitely needs to happen but just to summarize Chris' post: Therefore, will use what we have and improve as we go.
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    Thanks. Here's a more developed subVI that I've used successfully inside a Pre-build action. I use it to set a Build CC symbol to be equal to the Build Name, so different builds can enable different code. Set CC Symbol.vi
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    Sorry, my examples posted earlier were in 8.5.1. Here they are back saved to 8.0. Bruce Create Shortcut.vi Set Shortcut Properties.vi
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    I use these VIs. They're from a bunch of Windows utility VIs that I have. Bruce Create Shortcut.vi Set Shortcut Properties.vi

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