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  1. June 3 will be my last working day at NI. After almost 22 years, I'm stepping away from the company. Why? I found a G programming job in a field I love. Starting June 20, I'm going to be working at SpaceX on ground control for Falcon and Dragon. This news went public with customers at NI Connect this week. I figured I should post to the wider LabVIEW community here on LAVA. I want to thank you all for being amazing customers and letting me participate vicariously in so many cool engineering projects over the years. I'm still going to be a part of the LabVIEW community, but I'm not going to be making quite such an impact on G users going forward... until the day that they start needing developers on Mars -- remote desktop with a multi-minute delay between mouse clicks is such a pain! 🙂
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  2. Nice! While you are there please convince Elon to buy NI and turn it back into an engineering company 🤣
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  4. sounds like they were too busy updating NI Logo and colors to implement VISA. Oh well.
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  5. Fun! Good luck in your new endeavor. But the LabVIEW development team loses a very valuable and important member for sure.
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  6. I wanted to have a 2D drawing of my house's layout, so I could find have a clear picture of what outlets and lights were on what breakers. I ended up using PowerPoint because it had tons of shapes and was easy to use. I tried a couple of other 2D drawing things first but for a one off I figured it was easy enough. I showed it to a friend who was impressed that it was PowerPoint. Here it is, not quite finished. But this reminded me of a presentation I saw a couple years ago about how PowerPoint has lots of unused powerful features. It is an hour long, so maybe skip out on some in the middle. But experimenting with the morph features, 3D models, fractals, context aware designs, and using it for full screen programs are some of the topics. I especially love the library of 3D models.
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  7. Same as LabVIEW's zoom feature
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  8. Ah, it's because I added submenus in last release, and this added '_1' onto teh menu name. I'll fix that.
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  9. Just so everyone is aware of what the conclusion of this was, and thank you everyone for your help here. After lots of discussion with our NI rep and R&D, it was determined that R&D purposefully did NOT implement any VISA capabilities for the NI PXIe-4080 DMM, even the ability to enumerate the device. They recommended these two things, neither of which are good options for our architecture or requirements: Use NI's proprietary System Config API to dynamically find the PXIe-4080 DMM. I don't want to transfer my entire framework to this proprietary approach (nor do I believe it would cover all the bases VISA Find does). That's what a standard like VISA is for, which any PXI device should support (at least VISA enumeration/find). Create an INI/INF file using the VISA Wizard (https://www.ni.com/docs/en-US/bundle/ni-visa/page/ni-visa/usingddwtoprogrampxipcidevice.html), however I don't have access to a Certificate Authority (CA) to make that installable on Win10, nor can I even install the Windows Driver Kit (WDK) on my machine due to IT Security restrictions without particularly difficult approval. NI R&D refused to do the (relatively small) work to create this set of files to fix this oversight. So at the end of the day, this PXIe device is not VISA capable at all, and they designed it that way. Our project is moving to swap what PXIe-4080 cards we already have to PXI-4070s (which do support VISA enumeration/find/etc.), and future PXI DMM purchases for our setups will likely be Keysight M918xA's, assuming they play nice with NI-VISA on an NI PXI chassis. I wanted to let folks know that this model isn't fully compliant to the PXI standard (although they tried to claim that they meet the letter of the requirements in a particularly lawyerly way, but certainly not the way any NI customer would read it), and I'm a bit concerned this may be the case with future cards - be aware with NI PXI devices that they might not support VISA anymore.
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