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  1. Thanks to all of you. Since execution time is not really an issue and since I don't have much time, I don't think I'm going to change my code. But I'll definitely use all your advices and remarks for my next project that is likely to be using LabVIEW. Bye all
  2. Thank you for your quick answers ! Actually my job is only a display issue. The real data are continuously stored in a file by the acquisition software. If Windows XP crashes, then the data are not lost and a report can still be generated. So I'm not too concerned about that. What I need to know is the reasonable size I can give to my buffer. Let's make the calculation for 48 hours: - Rate = 10s means 6 records per minute, 360 per hour, 8640 for a day. So I need an array of DBL of 100 lines and 17280 columns for 48 hours. What I understand from what you told me is that it's far from the limit. - 100 x 17280 = 1728000 values of 8 bytes meaning = 13 MBytes for 48 hours. I guess it's also far from the limit. Now the graphs: I have 10 graphs with 10 channels maximum. This requires the same memory as the array: 13 MBytes for 48 hours. So finally my whole display system requires 26 MBytes in RAM. Do you reckon it's still reasonable ? We have to take into account that this will run simultaneously with the acquisition system which is a bit heavy. So far I'm not doing any initialization. I start with an empty array and I use the "insert into array" function. Should I rather initialize an array 100x17280 and use the "Replace" function ? In this case, what should the software do after 48 hours of running ? (I don't think this will really happen but we never know) Thanks again ! Manudelavega
  3. Hi, this message being my first one, please excuse me if it's not at the right location. I really tried to find an existing topic but couldn't find one. This is my question: My application is buffering (it's not a circular buffer) data in a 2D array of DBL values. This array is in a global variable so that other VIs (graphs...) can access it to display some of the buffered channels. My buffer rate is quite slow (1 record every 10 seconds) but I need to be able to display data over at least 24 hours, more if possible. Since the graphs themselves also use memory I guess, I need to define the maximum size of my array (meaning the maximum record time), as well as the history lenght of my graphs. This application is working beside another one made by another guy, handling the hardware acquisition and updating a shared memory. So I can't do any kind of hardware buffer. Could you advise me about - the maximum size in MegaBytes my array can take - the maximum number of elements arrays can accept in LabVIEW (if there is any maximum) Thanks a lot for your help
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