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  1. Same here everything booked and ready for LAVA BBQ!
  2. Thank you so much! I will test it. Cheers! It was exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!
  3. Does anyone know how to launch the DAQmx task (MAX Task) configuration screen with LabVIEW? I would like to have a VI that would launch that screen so user could configure the task and I could use that task later on with my code. Cheers, Samuli
  4. It was totally great event! Thanks! Any images online?
  5. All of you who are going to do a CLA exam should ask your local NI office or NI Certification team if there are any online CLA Preparation sessions coming soon. Those will definitely help you to pass the exam. You will avoid the typical mistakes and get good tips & tricks. I have prepared personally lots of people to CLA exam and most of them have passed. I think the biggest problem, as Rolf pointed out, is the fact that people will code too much (we all love to code). It's good to practice some structures before the exam but do not directly copy the ones from the examples (for example the
  6. Yes this example uses scripting but it would work also as an .*exe if needed. It would just require some extra work. I made that simple example with LV 2011 for our NIDays (Northern Europe) and I will show it also during during my upcoming NIWeek presentation about Innovative UIs. I will share all the source code after that I still need to polish it little bit and add some more documentation.
  7. I'm not sure what kind of UI you would need but if the column size can be fixed you could just create a separate 2D Color Array and put 2D String Array (transparent BG) top of it. It would update much faster.
  8. Well you could do it like this of course: http://screencast.com/t/ei04L5zm In that example you can add any LabVIEW UI object to the front panel during run time and link data to those objects.
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