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  1. CROSSPOST: http://www.labviewforum.de/Thread-Verschiedene-Labview-Versionen-kein-Datenaustausch?pid=124662#pid124662 Greetings Markus
  2. Could you please make an example of your datatype (1D-array of clusters of a 1D-array of (x,y) points/clusters)? Greetings Markus ZITAT(Michael Malak @ May 23 2009, 02:12 AM)
  3. Y-P

    Help Please ..

    I don't understand the problem. You only have to use "Basic serial write and read", configure your interface and connect your microcontroller-command at 'VISA Write'. Then it should work. Greetings Markus ZITAT(Chris90 @ May 21 2009, 10:16 AM)
  4. I confirm it. I have the same error. Greetings Markus
  5. Y-P

    Help Please ..

    You have to use VISA. A nice example you can find in the LabVIEW-Examplefinder ('Basic Serial Write and Read'). Greetings Markus
  6. I have made an example for you where you can see, how you get an error without shift-registers ('Iterations' must be set to '0'). For getting an error you have only to replace the two shift-registers in my example with tunnels. You could maybe get more errors like this. That's why I would use shift-registers everytime. Greetings Markus Download File:post-15552-1242892896.vi lv8.2
  7. Thank you. Greetings Markus ZITAT(neBulus @ May 11 2009, 01:03 PM)
  8. I miss a function, where I can look where I have used different shared variables in my program. I can search for property nodes, local variables,... but not for shared variables. Greetings Markus
  9. :laugh: I like it. Greetings Markus
  10. I cannot imagine what you are trying to do. Without screenshots or your VIs it is difficult to help you. Greetings Markus
  11. Hi, why don't you simply use a key from your keyboard? Greetings Markus
  12. Y-P

    Hello together

    Hello, I only wanted to introduce myself here in this forum. I'm from Germany and maybe you know me as moderator from www.labviewforum.de . I hope that I have a good time here and will learn interesting new things and perhaps I can help as well. Greetings Markus
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