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  1. This is why I prefered to ask what the license allows me to do exactly!
  2. Thanks for the answer. It's a nice solution but, I read that it's under Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike license. I'm not a lawyer and my English creaks a lot, therefore here my question: can I use this code and distribute it with an application which purpose is to customize a device without run into law problems? The end user of this application doesn't buy the application but the device.
  3. Hi everybody, First of all I want to wish to anyone a happy new 2012! Then, Could anyone suggest me a tutorial which explains the best rules to follow to build a successfull multilanguage (localized) application? I have already read some documents on this matter, but the best solution I have found suggests using the "Export/Import string method" which actually isn't in my opinion the best solution to follow to develop an application which has to be maintened and improved by adding different langues and functionalities. Does anyone know if there is an alternative tutorial?
  4. This is a very nice trick, but I do not want to copy every VIs I've created on a different project, I just want a template which allows me to have an entry point to build my new project and which creates the structure which usually I use on every project I want to develop. I think the suggestion of JCODE is a good advise the only thing which is missing is that you can't call the template from the "New window" which is opened when you click on the New menu under the File menu of labview....
  5. I think you get the target but, why I have to create a new tool when labview already has got it? I mean the same tool we normally use when we want to add a new VI or Control starting from the custom templates VIs and Controls.
  6. Therefore, you're telling me that actually at the moment what I was wondering and which I thought it might be possible, isn't possibile to do, isn't it?
  7. Thank you for the prompt reply. I read the post you have suggested to read, even though that post is very intersting it is not what I would like to do, I would like to build a new project, create on the project some virtual folders (the virtual folders I always create on my projects) and then I would like to save it as template. Therefore it will be very easy to create a new project starting from that template with the virtual folder I usually create on every project I do. (I hope it was clear) Do you think it is possible to do that? Regards.
  8. Dear All, I'm wondering if it is possibile to create a project template which organizes my labview project as I like the most, does anyone know if it is possible to do that? Thank you in advance. Regards.
  9. Sorry, I did it, just clicking on "Delete" function on the short menu which appears when you right click on the palette I had already created. I didn't read carefully.
  10. Hi guys, How can I delete a custom palette which I have created under the user palette and which I do not want to use again?
  11. Thank you guys for your support in this matter. I have solved the problem using a little trick, I'm changing the baud rate of the serial port with a less resolution then I write a 0x00 character on the bus then I change again the baud rate to the value it has to work and then I send the bytes on the bus. This allows me to send the right break on the bus which is used for synchronizing the device. But it would be nice to have the possibility to have a break which is add up to 1ms exactely! Thank you all.... Regards.
  12. Hi guys, My last question before going to enjoy the weekend. How can I put a break on the serial bus which is long exactely 1ms? I tryed to use the set break function but it make a break which isn't less than 2ms. Actualy I wish that NI will give us the possibility to have a control of the micro seconds but, at the moment, such as everybody knows, it isn't possible! Bye.
  13. Troubleshoot it. I have simply intercepted the key down event, the mouse leave event and also the mouse down event. Inside those events I get the new range of the control from its property nodes scale.minimum and scale.maximum and check if they are different from saved values on the shift register of the event-loop. It works good.
  14. Hi All, This is a simple question: how can I intercept when the user change scale of the range on a slide control on the FP? Does labview generete an event that can be handled? Thank you in advance. Regards.
  15. Thank you All for the support, This behaviour seemed odd to me too. Hence, after getting your advise I've investigated into my code and I found out a bug which was very hidden and deep. Simply, I cleaned the Multicolum List controls but the code fill them againg so quickly that it seemed that I didn't clean them. Thank you again.....
  16. Hi Guys, I want to know how I can clean a multicolums list control which has been filled of old data. Does anyone know how to do that efficently? I have already tried to pass an empty string array to the Item Names property of the control but it doesn't work. I have also tried to build, using the initialize array function, an array with the same number of rows and colums of the multiculums list control I want to clean, taking the number of elements from the Item Names property, and assigning the initialized array to the Item Names property; it hasn't worked again. I've also looked at the methods list of the controls to look for a method which cleans the list, but I can't find any method which does this job. Hence, how can I clean the list of a multicolums list control which shows some old data?
  17. Hi, First of all, thank you for you prompt reply. I downloded both the version of the software you're suggest me but how do they work? How do I have to intall them into my PC?
  18. Hi everybody, I want just to know if there is a keybaord trick which allows yuo to pass quickly from an element to the next one (or to new one) while I'm typing the values into a constant array, you know if is there? What I mean is a keybord key as the TAB key that quickly allow you to pass from a cell to the next one into the grid control. Thank you in advance, Regards.
  19. Thanks everybody for yours suggestions. Actually I don't know what's happening but, right now I cannot format the PC where the software is working. To solve the problem I simply changed that function in my software with a custom solution (math calculation) to get the AWG and the software began to work properly. This was enough. Thank to everybody for your interest in this matter.
  20. Yes of course, Here the exe file with all the data it need to work properly. In the folder you can also find the image of the code and the images of the error messages I have already posted. mean_Tester.zip
  21. You are right, here the complite code. meanTester.zip The code is developed by LV2010 Professional version. I want also to remind to everyone that the problem not apeare during the debugging but just when you compile the exe and you try to run it under a 2010 RTE. Thank you for the interest in this matter.
  22. Hi Saverio, thank you for your interest in this matter, here you can see my projects window Such as you can see in the picture I'm having the same situation you are having. My build spec set up is standard set up, the only things I have changed on the AB is that I have inserted the VI in the start up VIs list. The edition of Labview I'm using is the 2010 Professional. I have installed the software on a PC where there aren't other software which can disturb the labview RT, I have already run labview softwares there and I haven't had any problems with them and I'm sure I have installed the right version of the RT. Therefore, what do you think is going on?
  23. Hi Guys, First of all, thank to everyone for the answers and for interesting on my problem. Attached the error messages I received after I had compiled my software with AB. Then, you can also see the code of the main VI. the software is composed only by the main VI. So, why is it having this behaviour? Sorry, I forgot to add that I confirm that the dll is into the data directory and the data directory is into the directory of the exe.
  24. Therefore.... I looked at the package of the exe I've built and I found out that the lvanlys.dll is present on the Data directory of the application. Do I also have to set that dll into the "Always inclue" box of the AB specifically?
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