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  1. The G-toolbox by Georghe Zhou provides an interface for this (on Windows). Ton
  2. QUOTE (huotom @ May 14 2009, 07:33 AM) They most likely will adept, one of the recent Stackoverflow podcast discussed this, the comment of Joel Spolsky was that any commercial product that had successfull open source extensions/plugins they will be embraced and implemente as a feature by the owner. Ton
  3. QUOTE (jdunham @ May 14 2009, 01:20 AM) They don't, it is just that your computer is set to that idiocy representation. Ton
  4. QUOTE (huotom @ May 14 2009, 04:44 AM) I have a challenge. It would be quite easy to get started on this, but you can build such a VI. You can get the actual selected controls from a VI (to have an idea the CCT API has such code) So for any of the major datatypes with a lot of controls (numeric/string/path) you could write a set of properties you wish to access, now with a little floating VI you can interact with the selected control. The best thing about this, is that when you do this just enough to get the downloads spinning, NI will realize this is a very usefull feature and they wi
  5. Thanks santi122. i tested it & it is working. Many Thanks
  6. Many thanks pjm_labview. this is the vi that i've wish to do.
  7. i encountered some problems while trying out the string method. i wish to keep the message in the string indicator after clearing the message in my string control. hope someone could advise me on how i could modify my vi.
  8. I have a plugin selector, but I want beforehand check which VIs are valid plugin VIs, but some of these VIs have an enormous footprint and take up a minute to load, even if the user decides to load another plugin VI. So I want to limit the time needed to check which VIs are valid plugin VIs. Ton
  9. Yes, but you use a splash loader.... PM me if you are part of the current Beta. Ton
  10. I think other people must have covered this as well, so I get a little bit more descriptive. I am trying to list all VIs in a given directory that will fit a given framework. Basically the front panel should have 2 given controls of a certain type and label, together with 3 indicators of a given type and label. The genuine problem is that loading the VIs with Open VI reference takes up to a few minutes when the VI that is called only takes a few seconds to run. So I try to only open up the front panel and see if the VIs match those criteria. Ton
  11. One question what kind of printer driver do you use? Ton
  12. Thought experiments, please answer the following questions without using LabVIEW QUOTE (crelf @ May 11 2009, 10:40 PM) What is the output value of the 'Select Function' The same as the input value The invert of the input value True False QUOTE (TobyD @ May 11 2009, 11:46 PM) Nice. :thumbup: With which primitive(s) could the Equal and Select primitives be replaced? and , with y = 1 , with Type as Boolean and , with Type as Boolean Another code snippet Ton
  13. QUOTE (dannyt @ May 11 2009, 05:09 PM) hi. thanks for the info. it helps alot & i learn alot.
  14. hi. thanks for the diagram. i tried the 3rd method only as i could only find the concatenate string. can any1 tell me the names of the other component? thanks for the help.
  15. QUOTE (Aristos Queue @ May 10 2009, 01:27 AM) Yes I know the Read Linker Info, however I want the piece of info that is missing from the linker, I need to know if some controls/indicators (by name) are present, I don't need to know what subvis they use. Ton
  16. I am trying to list all the VIs with specific controls on the FP, however I don't want to load all those VIs into memory. Some may contain several classes and have a long loading time when using 'Open VI Reference'. Does anyone know if it is possible to only load the front panel of a VI into memory to check which controls are available? Ton
  17. QUOTE (ShaunR @ May 9 2009, 02:40 PM) Why should this be a bad thing? If you create a good reusable VI for such a specific action I have no reason why this is a bad technique. If it only is a bad thing if the only thing contained inside the subVI is a property method. Ton
  18. QUOTE (amila @ May 8 2009, 11:08 PM) Just for clearity these VIs are allready present inside your vi.lib, have a look at: vi.lib\picture\picturesupport.llb Ton
  19. If you need the center of a rectangular area (like you seem to need) you have allready such a VI inside your VI.lib. If you install OpenG's nilib rectangle you will have a rectangle palette added. One of the VIs is RectCentroid. This returns the center point of a rectangle. Ton
  20. is there anyway to prevent my message to be clear in the string indicator? for example, when i type some words in the textbox, the words will appear in the string indicator. however, when i type in another message, the previous message that was displayed will disappear. is there anyway to input the new message without removing the previous message?
  21. QUOTE (Gary Rubin @ May 7 2009, 07:09 PM) Technically it is not a True constant. It is a merge VI containing a True constant. QUOTE (Aristos Queue @ May 7 2009, 09:20 PM) _ If you are a Premium Member you can just delete the post. Ton
  22. QUOTE (candidus @ May 7 2009, 09:57 AM) QuickTip: You can link a control reference to a typedef by dragging and dropping the typedef-control onto the control. Ton
  23. I think this is called the Identity of a function. For a AND Array the Identity is True where an OR Array has a FALSE Identity. Ton
  24. thanks for the help guys. especially the graphic diagram.
  25. i've just started learning labview. Im currently using v8.5 & im trying to place the result into the array but i do not know how i should go about doing it. does anyone have any labview example regarding placing the result into the array? graphical help or website link would be very much appreciated.
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