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  1. Thank you gmart, Did not notice the "/", should have, guess I read "I/O" asjust a regular word . Jumped on the 8.x and id not look back (till now). I would rather not mess with the third party drivers, even the names. Makes things allot easier when contacting a service department, or when upgrading/patching. For me the solution will be to continue to use the 8.x work around. I am not using LVOOP, directly or indirectly in this project, so name conflicts are not really an issue.
  2. Hi, Your right, should have documented that better. The project does not use the SPT toolkit, at least not directly. I do NOT get the error when I use a build specification that I made under 8.6.1. I get the error when I set up a new build using "Build specification(right click)/ New/ Application(EXE)", and build it without modifying theadvanced tab(selecting "Use Labview 8.X file layout"). Selecting "Use Labview 8.X file layout" on the new build removes theerror. Error build: Correct build: The destination path and build name is one of several tried. Looks like it might be related to the location of the Comsoft profibus PXI carddrivers. PS. I have not had any problems with the cards or driver under 8.6.1 (nottested under 2009, HW not available), and the support from Comsoft is great.
  3. Hi, I ended up whit a similar(I don’t remember the exact error text) issue during a8.6.1 to 2009 project upgrade. The problem was under "Advanced" in the build setup, I had notselected "Use Labview 8.x file Layout". When selected, no problem, buildsgalore. Your mileage may vary. Espen
  4. Hi, I tried to do something similar. I did not find a way to use a user control part to rotate a full image. (Not saying it’s impossible, but looks that way). Way I would make the clock would be rotating pngs. Check out this thread
  5. Hi, Seems I missed the mark completely. Thanks for the thorough explanation and examples. Have you tried using a "To unsigned word Integer" primitive after the case typedef, before the Tabbed control value property? The value should accept an integer, and as long as you keep the number and order the same, you should get away with one typedef.
  6. Hi, Wasn’t me then... That’s almost a bit disappointing. Imagine the feeling of control and POWER! Like pointing your finger, saying Bang, and seeing a hole in the door. Could rule the Internet in no time, maybe even win it! Ah well. Guess I should have noticed how old the thread was, not just the data of the last few posts. Thank you kindly for the welcome Cat:) A is such a angular, antisocial letter anyway, stuck there at the other end of the alphabet. Almost as bad as the Z (bloody Z, don’t get me started!). No, B is much more well rounded, hanging out with C, and even tolerating A. That’s one sympathetic Letter. Befor - After. Nuf said. A-Team maybe, but BA Baracus.
  7. Hi, I must admit that I am not sure if I understood question completely, however it sounds to me as though what you intend might need a script. Intro Add Pages to tab controls Excample Have a look, and even if its not what you need, you might find it interesting:)
  8. Wow, I really killed this thread. Thats a bit scary. Wonder if I could use this power for good?
  9. Thanks for posting! I'v been aiting to find out Snippets, by reference, recursion ....... I need to have a Lie down, or maybe a cookie:)
  10. If this is an Emergency Stop Button, shouldn’t it be implemented purely in HW? What if your UI computer goes down? When you have a motor, I'm guessing you will need emergency stop buttons at the motor itself and by the work station, at least.
  11. Hi, My name is Espen, and I am a Lurker. I'm trying to do better, taking it one post at a time. Lokking forward to contri... add... Trolling Lava. Espen
  12. ESST

    Sola 850 UPS Driver

    Not seen the UPS before I'm afraid. Just popped in to recomend portmon. Nice way to figure out a serial conenction when need arises. Sola could not help? Best of luck.
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