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About Me

I first encountered LabVIEW when I graduated as mechatronics engineer. I build a force-way-measurement system for the final approval and encountered LabVIEW to fit my needs. In the end I got my approval, graduated and my employer requested me to take a job as applications engineer. So here I am, an applications engineer for test systems in the automotive industry.

My main task now is to write and maintain the LabVIEW toolkit of my employer, implement standardized functionality for test solutions and maintain or update existing code. Since I am in the automotive industry, I also have to take care of communication related stuff (CAN / LIN at most) and numerous other technologies ( Databases, File systems, Communication protocols, Measurement devices, etc... )

What I would say about LabVIEW:
LabVIEW will change your way of programming.


Expect me to be serious if the subject is serious and not, if not.  :shifty:  I like to have fun on my job and tend to take things less serious as they may seem to most people. What worth is a job you don't like? :cool:

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