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  1. Thank you Michael. Appreciate this.
  2. Hi Mark,

    Good day. I was wondering if there is a chance to view the NI WEEK 2019 presentation this time round. Appreciate this. Of Course, we understand there is no obligation on your end for this. In any case, if there are any videos, it would be highly appreciated.

    Alex, CPI. CLD, LabVIEW Champion

    1. LogMAN


      @Hagioteam1 You probably missed the announcement


  3. Hi Mark, I would appreciate to know if we could download the CLA2014 videos. Currently, I am facing issue, even with the filezilla or web-browser. Thanks Alex NI-CLD Singapore
  4. Hi Ryan, I have exactly the same question. How do I run a contiguous step of test sequences without enqueuing all the Actions at one go, under the same processing State. Interspersing the Actions with updates and cache user parameters please? Appreciate if Norman or anyone can explain how to go about this. An example I can think of is the retired CLD EXAM on car wash controller. The action of each cycle may be interrupted by the simulated 3 switches (underbody, main pressure and Air Dry). Appreciate any comments or reply please? I hope there is some sort of support for using this TLB
  5. Hi Norman, I have been following your TLB prime framework closely. I think it is an excellent framework to use as compared to QSM and other traditional templates that I have come across. There is one concern as you mentioned about a caveat of interrupting actions. I wish to know please how do we overcome this challenge? Do you have a sample program to illustrate this? I am now trying to implement the retired CLD exam on the car wash controller but find it quite hard especially the simulated switches or the elapsed timer condition. Appreciate your reply soon. Alex See
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