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  1. The number one physicist who tried on consciousness was David Bohm; Krishnamurti kept Bohm in his pocket when they were talking about intelligence, consciousness...(read The Awakening of Intelligence).
  2. The number one physicist who tried on consciousness was David Bohm; Krishnamurti kept Bohm in his pocket when they were talking about intelligence, consciousness...(read The Awakening of Intelligence).
  3. Looks like Mike is fascinated by ‘dimensions’ as the kids are fascinated by guns. People are low level not able to understand consciousness, God… Physicists are receiving money working thousands of them on the string theory, but they are too PRIMITIVE to do something about consciousness, God…
  4. Today like yesterday scientists developed new theories to explain consciousness, God…with electromagnetism, thermodynamics, mechanics…. I think all those theories are today in the Crackpottery Bible. That’s why my book is so important in my view because explain our connection with God.
  5. Consciousness is closer to crackpottery for physicists, scientists... like I said before. http://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=196403
  6. I was yesterday to this conference to speak with Ancu DINCA about his work(2 hours discussions): http://www.usamvcluj.ro/2006/simpozion/engleza.htm http://www.viatasienergie.ro/index.php?act...9&limba2=en
  7. I was to these conferences: http://www.itim-cj.ro/PIM/2007/index.html "Tiberiu Popoviciu" Seminar on Functional Equations, Approximation and Convexity (September 26-29, 2007) My friend: http://ca.geocities.com/adferent@rogers.com/ROCKY.html
  8. The most important moment of ours days is going on in Myanmar: It’s the rarely stand-off between the low level people, the majority, represented by the military(government institutions) and the high level people represented by the Buddhist monks. This is a proof of my theory; it’s my book becoming reality. What’s going on there (we see it because of this polarization (like in physics) of the society) shows exactly where we are as Homo sapiens today. Of course the people from the mass media are low level people and they don’t realize the importance of this moment in our history (in Romani
  9. You can speak with those 11 people and after that you will take the decision. Until you are thinking to solve the problem I’ll go sometimes here: http://esm.neel.cnrs.fr/2007-cluj/
  10. Looks like you are very good on “all-natural foods and beverages”; this means you are good kids or good parents. I have a question: In the middle of the ocean in a boat are 11 people: a Chinese, an Indian, an Italian, a Canadian, an American, a Romanian, a Jew, a Palestinian, a Russian, a German and a Hungarian. The food is enough only for 1 person and you have to take the decision who will be left in a boat. Who you will chose to survive from those 11 people?
  11. QUOTE(alfa @ Sep 7 2007, 04:28 AM) In Paris the conference was in 28th of August! Check it! I can not write too much because I don't have a computer and here at University when I come in the internet is down, I'm going out the internet is OK!!! Like usual the prostitutes from years are acting on my back all the time, because theirs God is on my back ! They try to denigrate me to everybody, because I fight them all the time alone. Now is after me an international prostitution ring, I don't need help to fight PROSTITUTES! With a computer at home will be much easier for me to waste them!
  12. The Romanian prostitutes hate President Bush. In Romania the communist prostitutes have the power behind the scene because are so many of them.
  13. Looks like low level people (98%) are waiting for a new book: Prostitution for dummies Here are the titles of couple chapters: The Sutras of Prostitution Why lying brings wealth and saying the truth brings poverty Why wise people must be kicked out of the country Why as president Stalin is much better than Mother Teresa
  14. Ceausescu the dictator is another proof that 98% of population are at animal level. Any dictator needs a lot of prostitutes. Low level people want to be part of any system. My view is: More democracy means less prostitution. In Romania were more than 4 millions in the communist party, more than 2 millions had prostitute certificate… Was amazing for me to see that the Romanian communists have the highest rate of success in Occident because of the RESONANCE between low level people (98%);the investors from Occident are working here mostly with communists prostitutes, because those who are
  15. I didn't know anything about these 'microexpressions' links, (they don’t have my approach anyway) because I don't have a computer at home(no job); I don't look for prostitutes on internet; from my level of Evolution it's very easy to write about them it's like a flow. The prostitutes came after me when I start writing about the Canadian government how stupid they are… In 2005 I didn't have a job and I had my book; because I saw how stupids were people at Honeywell I decided to look for some spiritual editors to publish my book, because I was thinking they will understand I AM CREATING GOD. G
  16. Don't look at mathematicians as wise people, they are only intelectuals. It's a top conference on differential geometry in Paris this week. I didn't see anythyng interesting like application, only a differential geomtry application on body's car from the Mercedes company. I was thinking to another application too(on prostitutes): We apply differential geometry on body's car but not on our face for example. Our look is the reflection of our mind, thoughts... For example are people who are lying a lot like politicians, informants...Because each lie do an infinitesimal, small change on their
  17. This week I am at: the 8th international workshop on differential geometry.
  18. Patriarch Teoctist died and the Romanians are looking for a new patriarch. The problem is a lot of patriarchs like Teoctist were prostitutes. The patriarch were looking for ranks and functions that’s they became informers. How this kind of people can understand the Evolution? In all religions is the same. If the patriarch are informers what do we expect from the rest of the population? This is another proof of my theory: that 98% of population are at animal level.
  19. Socrates, didn't know my book, the 97.73%. If the low level people ask you to drink it's up to you to follow the stupids's wish. jccorreu, yes, low level people have low level children. Yes, are only few who knows God; it's Evolution, we evolve from low level to high level what's so complicated? The ugly side: today the low level people are the huge majority; they slow down my evolution. The society doesn't care about it.
  20. Of course the kings tried to kill Confucius couple times.
  21. Confucius didn't know my book; didn't know my 97.73%. He tried all his life to change the society to replace the bad leaders with wise people; but of course the kings didn't accepted. Before he died, asked if a king came to him to teach him and of course nobody came. Nobody came because the majority in that time too were low level people. In that time too when wasn’t too much ‘noise’, wise people were running in caves.
  22. AnalogKid2DigitalMan, good question. Like I said in my book God is our limit. This means can be something higher than this limit. In the world of talibans(97.73%) God is closer to the stupids.
  23. ben, on my profile is my website: http://knowledge.shorturl.com
  24. ben, everybody can talk about God; anyway how Freud said people are thinking more about sex, this show the level of evolution after 50000 years(I gave this example in my book talking about Freud). In my book I calculated 1 in 1300 people can experience God: you can see on my website the intervals between lifes. eaolson, Newton was an alchemist too, I wrote a chapter about alchemy.
  25. Ben, how I calculated in my book: only 1 in 1300 people can experince God. People like politicians, scientists...are talking about God but they don't have anything to do with God. Shane, math and physics don't help much. Penrose, Weinberg... wrote about God but nothing there has something related to God. I didn't know this things before, that's why my book is important because brings some lights to show how looks the society. For the society a book about God(like my book) is the same(or less) like a cooking book; because the majority don't have anything to do with God; they are at animal
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