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  1. I was talking about "bohmian muscle", "rara avis" on the internet...
  2. I want to see some muscle here...
  3. David Bohm said: “…notions like “collapse” , “knowledge”, “information”, “consciousness”, “observer” etc., are inherently non-dynamical in nature. That is to say, simply cannot be expressed at all in the language of dynamics, with its terms like “field”, “particle”, “position”, “momentum”, “differential operator”, “wave-equations” and the like.” Do you agree?
  4. I'm reading now integral geometry.
  5. Read this link: http://arxiv.org/abs/0704.0758
  6. Tomi, before Kaluza was this guy talking about the fifth dimension http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gunnar_Nordstr%C3%B6m
  7. I’m reading now the String Theory and I have to learn a lot of math too (differential geometry…). I recommend it to everybody who likes quantum mechanics and math.
  8. Here is a fragment of what President Bush said yesterday, on Prostitution Day: My fellow Americans, Viva Prostitution. 97.73 of you are at animal level, that’s why I am your president. Dick Chenney went in Romania for a hunting party with the US ambassador; this ambassador is a very dangerous man; he likes hunting from his car. That’s why I sent him 5000 miles from the White House, to be safe here at home. If you don’t borrow money from banks, we the politicians will do it for you and you’ll be in a huge debt for generations. The world is in very bad shape: My friend president Puti
  9. I was last week at a seminar about Transdisciplinarity with Basarab Nicolescu. My levels of Evolution are equivalent in my view with the levels of Reality in his theory. You can read here more about Basarab Nicolescu: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basarab_Nicolescu
  10. Dick Chenney is a hunter. The richest man in Romania invited for a hunting party: the owner of the Porsche company, an finance minister from Austria, Michael Sumacher... In my book a hunter is at animal level. I was thinking why people are killing other people or animals: because they SEE them as adversaries in the process of Evolution.
  11. I like n-dimensional trips !
  12. The teenagers want music; they listen to music, they have theirs favorite songs, they want new songs, they want to change the songs, to compose others… The solution for them is a M-LabVIEW. A LabVIEW only for music, not expensive, with a controls palette only for music… I believe National Instruments will sell a huge number of M-LabVIEW programs.
  13. Who is Mozart here? We need a LabVIEW program for composers.
  14. I'm looking for a composer for the Anthem. I'm looking for some Emmy awards, because will be a song with a real message.
  15. alfa

    The Aether

    Here is somebody else who tried to prove it: http://pages.sbcglobal.net/webster.kehr/
  16. alfa

    The Aether

    Lorentz, Dirac...said the aether have to be there; Einstein said the aether is not there. Couple years ago I started couple experiences and I proved that the aether exist.
  17. I declare the 1st of April the International day of prostitution. Presidents, ministries
  18. I introduced Mental Prostitution in dictionary in 2003. Now I wrote the words for the Anthem of the Mental Prostitute: Viva prostitution! I want to be a prostitute! I don
  19. I'm reading now: Quantum Field Theory by Claude Itzykson, Jean-Bernard Zuber It's a good book.
  20. Last week I had a conference about my book I AM CREATING GOD at the British Council in my city.
  21. Are there millions parallel universes connected by small wormholes (Planck dimension), said Stephen Hawkins
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