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    The book

    If you'll go to: http://discussionboard.chopra.com/default.asp ->Ask Dr. Deepak Chopra->Dark Cloud with 1257 replies, there you'll find the answer.
  2. alfa

    The book

    From : MSN Hotmail Support <support_x_EN_SY@css.one.microsoft.com> Sent : December 23, 2005 11:03:02 PM To : "Adrian Ferent" <aferent@hotmail.com> Subject : RE: SRX1006285920ID - MSN Hotmail:I need something fixed.:Sign in/Connection | | | Inbox Dear Adrian, Thank you for writing back to MSN Hotmail Technical Support. My name is Cynthia and you mentioned that you are unable to access your account and received this message "Account closed. Access denied". I understand the importance of your concern to be addressed immediately. Adrian, we have closed the [adferent@hotmail.com] account because of a violation of our Terms Of Use (TOU). For privacy and security reasons, we can provide no further information. However, you may review our TOU at: http://privacy.msn.com/tou/default.asp Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Cynthia D. MSN Hotmail Technical Support
  3. alfa

    The book

    Hi, I was thinking, how to measure the Level of Evolution using LabVIEW? This guys from Microsoft CLOSED my hotmail account(adferent@hotmail.com)! I received this messages: Account Closed. Access Denied. Do you know what to do?
  4. alfa

    The book

    You can buy my book from me like on a CD or by e-mail. Contact me at: 416.631.0339 E-mail: adferent@hotmail.com
  5. alfa

    The book

    I was thinking to write a LabVIEW program where to show how "I AM CREATING GOD". Anyway I think LabVIEW is the best for such a project. I didn't work with games, I don't know that field.
  6. alfa

    The book

    Hi, I finished my book; writing LabVIEW programs and writing a book was a nice combination. Now I don't write LabVIEW programs because finished my contract. This forum helped me a lot to do my job. You can see my book here: http://www.lulu.com/content/180165 Adrian
  7. cb, thank you for the file; I don't have Matlab. best reagards, af
  8. Where I can find differential calculus examples ?
  9. Here is a better view. Download File:post-1855-1111498288.doc
  10. Thank you for the answer. I have this problem: I'm reading for example messages( each message has 8 words), first word has the label FF, the rest label 8. When I'm reading a new message the FIRST word with label FF is from the last message and the words with the label 8 are from the new message; only the third message is correct, the new word with the label FF and the new words with the label 8 are from the new message. Calling the DLL: Input parameters: handle, channel=0, num_data_words=number of 32-bit words to read Output parameters: msgptr=data returned; overwritten: old data overwritten by new data. The msgptr is an array of 16-bit words, and from 5 X 16-bit words I'll have 1 num_data_word(32-bit); that's why they did x5.
  11. In this VI, the DLL doesn't have the 'size of the array' as separate parameter. What are the 'problems' using this VI in a while loop? Download File:post-1855-1111436965.vi
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