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  1. Hi Ben, Where is everybody? Did I exorcise the demons?(talking about God). Time and space are related for example in Minkowski space; people when they 'look' at God they start from space, the mathematicians…everybody is thinking at space(they see matter around). We don't know the space yet, how many dimensions... I was looking at time to find the solution. I don’t know if somebody says it before: "We will be killed by a clock, not by a rock"
  2. My view about God: God is out of time, the past, the present and the futere are one. This means any ‘mathematical expression’ of God, doesn’t contains time, doesn’t contains time like a variable. This is very important, because this means: GOS is the same, is constant !
  3. shoneill, it's good to try any new language; in Europe it's about languages. Alba Iulia was an important city long time ago. LabVIEW is too expansive for Romania; here are a lot of programmers in C...; not many in string theory... Now I am at this conference: http://www.math.ubbcluj.ro/~mserban/confan.html In my case because of Yoga when I was in Canada, USA, Germany they were thinking I'm a spy; now in Romania they think I am a Canadian spy. For me it's amzing because I didn't know that the spies are doing research about God. Your son will like the cakes here, the food...
  4. To have access to more information we have to live in a big city. Here in Cluj in libraries doesn’t have books about the strings theory. When I worked at Honeywell in Toronto, they had a card and I used it to take books from UofT(I was writing my book). Nobody was using that card because people are not interested in new things. For example my manager, the software engineer manager did X-rays for people, he was a nurse.
  5. Did somebody calculate the 'size' of God? When I wrote I AM CREATING GOD, I was thinking to calculated; now I very interested about it.
  6. Last weelk I read The Emperor's new mind by Roger Penrose; he needs 2000 years to jump from Emperor to God(my book). I'm learning a lot but I didn't find books related to my book. Where are people who are 'explaining' with math the mind... I did a lot of experiments on mind; the worst is working and living in the same building with low level people. Because you said entrpy: low level people have high entropy.
  7. Oh yes, before they had bullets the prostitutes were using stones against wise people(I said that not a Chinese). Looks like Irene is a guy! hooovahh, good link; this means I was right, the parallel universe is very close to us; we will feel it soon! I am in vacation now, learning a lot of difficult stuff!
  8. I quoted those conclusions from here: http://www.csicop.org/si/9701/quantum-quackery.html In my book I wrote 4 pages about "Entangled Particles".
  9. " Lama AnagarikaGovinda Foundations of Tibetan Mysticism3 (Capra 1975, 305) Capra's book was an inspiration for the New Age, and "quantum" became a buzzword used to buttress the trendy, pseudoscientific spirituality that characterizes this movement. Conclusion Quantum mechanics, the centerpiece of modern physics, is misinterpreted as implying that the human mind controls reality and that the universe is one connected whole that cannot be understood by the usual reduction to parts. However, no compelling argument or evidence requires that quantum mechanics plays a central role in human c
  10. yen, I’m not sure if your parents know you are writing on forums...
  11. yen, I didn't know about LabVIEW for prostitutes! What goal?
  12. My brothers in LabVIEW, I posted these messages with a very high price. How you can see on my resume the secret police from Canada and USA didn’t let me to write too much LabVIEW code, because I don’t have a prostitute face, attitude… Here in Romania the secret police until January kept me without job; they are working now with theirs old enemies the CIA. In November in this city of prostitutes Emerson opened a plant with 200 engineers. Only for me at interview came a manager from Emerson and the human resources manager from East Europe(very primitive people); of course I didn’t get a j
  13. If you'll look at my website 6000 years ago you were an animal; this means you can not tell anything to anybody. You can not go with the physical body back in time. Anyway you need only to go tomorrow in Kentucky or Romania and people will tell you that God created the Universe 6000 years ago in the first day of creation. paul, you are telling me what to write, this is only a prostitute job. We are not equals in evolution and nothing is wrong with it. What is wrong is to be a prostitute, when people see they can not perform, they are shallow-minded, they chose prostitution. It's a resona
  14. In the Bible it's creation, half of the world say that it's true; for Dalai Lama it is evolution. They don't agree on the basic things; what do you expect for politicians to understand? This is another proof that 97.73% are at animal level.
  15. The Pope and Dalai Lama I consider that a spiritual leader have to bring something new in spirituality. Religious leaders are not capable of something new; they follow the traditions, the old rituals… To bring something new in spirituality is more difficult than to bring something new in science for example. The concept what I brought I AM CREATING GOD helps to understand God…
  16. Where ever I go, I'll be among those 97.73%; you too are among those 97.73%.
  17. JFM, 97.73% is about my Evolution theory presented in my book. For example here I wrote a page about Freud ... Dummy is not the write word there...
  18. What is Religion in my view? People at animal level talking about God.
  19. Don’t expect to understand I AM CREATING GOD. You have to know very well Kundalini Yoga. When I worked at Honeywell I asked the smartest (a Korean engineer who was teaching karate) person to look at my website. After couple days I asked him what he saw there, and he was very angry because he saw on my website: I AM CREATING GOD. He asked how I can say this thing and I told him let me to explain, but he left the place very upset. That’s why I decided to explain in my book I AM CREATING GOD. When I saw him I realized how dummy my co-workers are. This was a prove that 97.73% is write.
  20. This means I am the first one who said and proved: I AM CREATING GOD
  21. robijn, I am Adrian Ferent, here is my website: http://knowledge.shorturl.com Where I can read what said Freud? I was Saturnday at a Sahaja Yoga center(they have 12 years in Kundalini Yoga); first they said they are not interesting in another Yoga...After the class I told them 'you said Yoga opens you' and you are not interesting in new things; I asked them who said I AM CREATING GOD of course they said everybody. After I asked them where I can read it they didn't know. I told them 'I said I am creating God' and they say this is a blasphemy...It's a tragedy if a romanian say to others roma
  22. Where Sigmund Freud said that? Tell us the book, the link... He was closer to sex than to God.
  23. I have a question: Did you see somewhere, or said somebody before: I AM CREATING GOD
  24. World science about consciousness: http://www.world-science.net/exclusi...sciousness.htm
  25. Before were cults of various solar deities; quantum mechanics explained what is the sun. Nobody explained God from the Bible. Einstein saw a personalized God(God doesn't play dice), Steven Weinberg wrote a book about a "fuzzy" God... Only David Bohm came with something close to "reality". Who will explain God will be the wisest, the greatest... In Romania are today 6 times more secret police officers than in USA. Romania has 500 generals who left theirs leader(Ceausescu) in the washroom, dreaming to the money from occident. Ceausescu invested heavily in prostitution(informers) and of co
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