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  1. I need to disable it to avoid people to use the other windows application...
  2. ...ma ciao! Does anybody know how to disable the windows START button with labview? I call the user32.dll and I can disable the systray but i could not diable the START button. I'd like to disable this button even from the keyboard button.
  3. Gepponline


    ...ma ciao! my suggestion is to reinstall all the motion utility using the Device Drivers CDs. In the past i had some similar problem due to the installation of the motion toolkit over the motion VIs include in the Device driver CDs. The "load velocity override" VI is an Advanced Trajectory Control VI. It must be in "NI Measurement->Motion->trajectory control->advanced" palette. You can load your VI ad then replace the error with this vi!
  4. ...ma ciao! i'm going to update an application that i developd with the Fingerpritn recognition toolkit foundHERE. I think that the "match fingerprint" library require a little much time. Have you ever develop any similar application? Do you think it is possible to create a similar application using NIVision? I was thinking of use "pattern matching" but my doubt is that using pattern mathcing all the fingerprint will be considered the same. Do you have any suggetsion?Can i improve my application perfomances or ihave to update this application for Xp and leave it as it is? thank you! ...ma ciao!
  5. ..Idon't know i f ican but... ...take a look at astalavista site.... you can easily avoid this license trouble!..i solve them first calling the NI assistance....but....it was quite complicated...
  6. ..ma ciao to all! I'm developing a testing machine that acquire Load from a load cell and deformation of the sample by an encoder. In some test i have to apply a constant load on the sample, so i used the PID functions to do that. The problem is that according to the sample material, i need to change the gains parameters of the PID.vi. I'd like to realize a routine that autoregulate this settings during the test. Do you think that it is possible? Do you have any suggestion on how to realize this functionality? thank youso much! ..ma ciao! Geppo!
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