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  1. I took a look at your software and get a solution, the problem is that authentication takes quite 30 seconds... No faster solutions?
  2. Hi! I need to authenticate users on my program relying on LDAP. At the moment i use a .NET contructor that work but it takes 30 seconds to authenticate the user. Is there any other way to do this? Activex? dll? Thank you! Attached you can find the snippet of the way i do now.
  3. Hi!, I have a problem with a spreadsheet file. I need to import a tabulated file that contain some text fileds with a EOL inside. I've tried exporting that file in csv with a text delimiter such as " but the problem is how to import the file makin labview recognize the text field and so ignore the EOL in the text field. At the moment with normal spreadsheet VI's i get a new line when i have a text field with an EOL character. Is there any solution for my problem? EXAMPLE: 88 250 P A2 1971 1-lug-1990 Tenax D 250 P DP "Testa con passaggio acqua Monta Verin D. 60 corsa lunga" 110 x 110 345 Tenax 1 the above text return me two line 'cause "Testa con passaggio acqua EOL Monta Verin D. 60 corsa lunga" is a single text field and the EOL must be ignored. thank you! Geppo!
  4. Even using .Net can be a good idea..but i dpn't know which construct to use
  5. hi! I need to athenticate users of my program using LDAP. Does anyone can help me on how to do this? I suppose i need to use a DLL but I don't know which one and I don't know what i have to give it as Input. Thank you!
  6. Hi, I have a problem with my signal generation Vi. I use a Ni PCI-6221 board to generate arbitrary waveform. In my application i need to change waveform and frequency on the run and the next waveform MUST start after the last point of the first one. I attach an example of what i need to do. Don't care about the shape of the waveform bout only the frequency. As you can see in the exampel when i change waveform the new waveform immediately start truncating the waveform in execution. I need the new waveform to start at the end of the first one. NOTE: I MUST use continuee samples or regeneration 'cause i could not be fast enough to write continuously the waveform when i generate 100hz waveform or similar. could anyone help me? Prova2.zip
  7. I solved my problem and now i can read every file. Now i Have a problem with communication. Sometimes i Get ERROR 56, so i stop and restart communication and i can communicate again. Sometimes i get error 60 and it seems that it's not possible to restart communication. Should there be a minimum time between stop and start connection with the PLC?
  8. Hi! I'm communicating with a Micrologix 1400 PLC. I Can read the N7 integer value, but the plc software use even "B" and "I"files for boolean variables. I Can't modify the PLC software. Is there a way to read these files with your VI's?How?
  9. Hi! i'm going to develop an application to read a couple of analog input from an object that turn continuously. Needing a wireless communication, i decided to use Xbee modules. Now I have my modules but i don't know how to start communicating with them using labview. Any Idea about it? Is there any labview tool to communicate with xbee modules? Is bettere to use API mode or AT command mode? thank you so much.
  10. a little suggestion. I think it could be usefull to add an Order By array input in the select Vi.
  11. I'm not using it at the moment but i'm going to use it early to substitute the old SQlite wrapper i used in some applications
  12. Here it is! http://gepponline.altervista.org/_altervista_ht/SQLite.zip I'm not able to attach file here in the forum, maybe a Proxy problem of my net. If anybody can download it from the link and upload it in the forum it's better 'cause that is my old domain and it can give some problem for file sharing. I deleted recursion istances and all seems to work. i use it with Ubuntu and Labview dor linux 8.5. ...ma ciao! Geppo!
  13. I confirm, no issues with LV9. And now that i have deleted recursive VI, no issues even with LV 8.5. Maybe i'll convert the recursive VIs as you said with call vi nodes to have all the tool working, but for the moment i only need to make some simple query and i don't need nothing more
  14. maybe there is a a little misunderstanding. i don't have LV 9.0 for linux, i have LV 8.5 for linux. That's why i have to convert VI's forst to LV 8.6 in windows and then to 8.5 for linux.
  15. No I don't ...even if i cannot find any TARGET_BITNESS variable in the project...where is it placed? Oh, QUery3.vi, rename column and dlete column report the same recursion problem.
  16. Ok, i find that After converting Vi's to 8.6, Labview autodisconnect rename column and Delete column to prevent recursion. There is a SQLite_Query.VI that is recursive and cause problem with versions 8.6. SQLlite_query3.vi cause the problem.
  17. I Didn't make an example i only created a new blank vi and place a Table.vi inside. Could it be a converting from LV9 to LV 8.5 problem? To make this i had to convert to 8.6 first and then with LV 8.6 to 8.5...maybe something get lost inthis step. I created a New project but the OS variable was not "Unix" but "Linux" and the bitness variable did not exists. Now i'm trying reconverting Vis from LV9 to LV8.5 and using a project, i'll let you know if i find something new
  18. Hi! i'm porting this toolkit in Ubuntu Linux with version 8.5 of Labview. Some polimorphic vi needs to be modifyied to work correctly such as SQLLite_Delete column.vi and SQLLite_Rename column.vi it said that "you cannot use "SQLLite_Rename column.vi" recursively, so i deleted them After that you place a conditional disabled structure for Unix but to make it work i had to change that condition from OS==Unix to TARGET_Type==Unix. I try changing it in OS==Linux as i see in the conditional Disable Symbols, but it didn't work the first time it said that OS was undefined. now i start labview again and it seems to work...what is better? OS or Target_Type? Instead, TARGET_BITNESS is an unexisting variable.
  19. Thank you so much, i'll take a lookat it!
  20. Two years and now i'm here again with the same problem. Unfortunately the author of the wrapper is missing. Does anybody think to be able to develop a wrapper for sqlite3 for Linx systems? Unfortunately i'm only a LabVIEW programmer and i don't know C code so i can not make it by myself, but i think that this could be an important step to improve the labview for Linux usability. What do you think about it?
  21. Hi, I'm a Labview user that is trying to convert some program from windows to Linux. At the moment i'm converting a software that use the "SQLite WRAPPER for LabVIEW" but i found some problem with it. I replaced the lvsqlite.dll with the sqlite3.so but unfortunatelly i think that the prototype of the functions are different. Does anybody want to help me in this project? I think that SQLite3 is a very usefull database system and very simple to use. A conversion of this toolkit can improve the usability of LabVIEW for Linux in spite of the NI politics At the moment i converted the Open function and it seems to work. The exec function is giving me some problems....I'm not a C expert so maybe there is something wrong with the prototype. Take a look at the screenshot, there are my laview prototype and the C structure of the function. Hope that someone would like to help me. This is only an exercise for me, not a commercial product, so i hope that someone is interested on it. ...ma ciao! Geppo!
  22. yes but.... in LbVIEW 7.1 there is no "show folding" options...... :headbang: :headbang:
  23. This bug worries me a lot...how can i go on if i can not rely on labview??? So i made some test. The error occur at the indexing in the while loop. If we carry the 2d array into the while loop and extract each element using the index of the cycle no more error occurres. So....there must be an explanation to this thing... I don't like auto indexing in the while loop...i use them only when are useful even to determine the number of cycles of the for loops. Can it be relate to this bug? Three Cycles..same operations... only while loop is wrong... It's not possible such a bug! and.....if the problem is the "+1" module combined with the while loop? If we substitute the "+1" with a sum with an array of 1 the problem don't occur. Download File:post-1899-1157618194.vi
  24. ...ma ciao! I'm developing an application that open in an ActiveX container (WebBrowser) an image that is hosted on the web. To show this image in an image indicator i need to save it on my hard disk (right??). To do that, i use the ActiveX method ExecWB whit the cmdID "OLECMDID_SAVEAS". This command has different option, i need it not to show the dialog and save the image directly in a specified path. So i set the cmdexecopt to "OLECMDEXECOPT_DONTPROMPTUSER" and MAYBE i have to insert as input in pvaIn the path where i want to sve the picture. pvaIN need as input a UNICODE string. I tryed to convert my path to a UNICODE string but every time the program return a dialog box for the location of the file (i think that is beacause there something wrong with the pvaIN) Any suggestion? i've tryed to save the image even with the "select all" and then "copy" methods to open image from the clipboard with Vision modules but nothig where put on the clipboard... WARNING!!! in the example there is a strong impact image avoid people with health problem to see it! Download File:post-1899-1154415343.vi
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