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  1. TLB - Top-Level Baseline

    This is the official release of my LV State Machine template; the TLB - Top-Level Baseline. It was presented at the State Machine vs. State Machine presentation at NI Week 2010.
    This is worth using because it implements most of the common functionality that you end up creating w/ most / all LV state machines anyway:
    Error handling Idle cases Interactive event driven execution Shutting down parallel loops gracefully String based queued states Handling the Panel Close? event
    Some techniques used are not immediately intuitive, but each design decision was made with the idea of scalability and ease of use in mind.
    Please post your 'Why did you do that?' questions and I'll gladly inform and instruct why the design choices were made (including why did I use colors)



  2. Tree Control API

    Copyright © 2007, Norman J. Kirchner, Jr.
    All rights reserved.
    Norman J. Kirchner, Jr.
    Norman J. Kirchner, Jr
    --see readme file for contact information
    Package to provide smart tree functionality without assumption of type of data (ie, file paths or others)
    Gives ability to modify contents, extract information and control the branches.
    A good understanding of how the LV tree truly operates as a fancy multi-column listbox is very useful although not required.
    An expample program if not present on the forums, will be in place soon.
    LV version above base package
    Add Item
    Modify Item
    Remove Item
    Get All Items
    Get Top Level Items
    Get Items Parent
    Get Selected Item
    Get Siblings
    Get Children
    Get Item Properties
    Check Tag Valid
    Convert Tag to Text
    Find Tag from Text
    Outdent at Item
    Indent At Item
    Empty Tree
    Capable of working w/ LV 7 or later but uploaded version is for LV 8.2. Please request previous version if necessary.
    Good to recognize that the tree control is just a fancy multi-column listbox.
    1.0.0 Initial Release
    1.0.1 Example program added



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